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Fresh food, done well.


We are called in2lunch for a reason

We do lunch very bloody well!

Our slow roasted pork and brisket has been remarked on as the best in Cairns. Not that there is a competition for that, but if there was we would definitely win it!!!

Our beef and chicken burgers are all hand crafted in house to ensure our secret crumb and patty mix makes our very loyal burger eaters happy to keep coming back.

The freshest cold section about holds sublime focaccias, gourmet toasted sangas, fresh made salads as well as sandwiches you struggle to get through. Our cakes and pastries are a real eye opener. Yas's ever changing sweet offerings will keep your afternoons moving along nicely.

Daily specials include a variety of crowd pleasers including Rueben Sandwiches, Philly Cheesesteak, Fish Taco's, Bahn Mi, Loaded Roast Potato's and some slamming pastas plus many many more.

Check the menu page for options or for all of the daily cakes, sweets & lunch specials check the social media's or give us a buzz for the daily breakdown.